Ticket no. 091320190721 The Third Person by JC Angelcraft

Chanel de la Vogue Place Le bureau Jose Maria Chavira MS Adagio 1st de plume JC Angelcraft Château Versailles Place d’Armes, 78000 France

Chanel de la Vogue Place JC Angelcraft Versailles:  September 13, 2019: I knew this guy once that always talked from the third person.  He would refer to himself by his first name.  “I’ll have to see what Sven thinks about this”  he would say sometimes.  If you offered him anything not to his liking he would say “Sven no like this.”  It was an easy friendship.  I would say “Hey Sven lets go see the girls” and Sven would say, “Yes, Sven like this idea.” Not a lot of people have this gift of the third person and it is really catchy.    But talking from the third person is not the same as writing from the third person “Sven agrees.” Sven onced asked  me what I thought about white supremacy and this mass media emergency and I responded, “JC  no like white supremacy, to violent” “Sven agrees”  said Sven.

Chanel de la Vogue Place JC Angelcraft Versailles MMXII Orbis Terrarum Judicii Dei Per Benedictvs Espiritvs Sancti La Couronne Monde Château Versailles Place d’Armes, 78000 France,  Le bureau de JV Agnvs Dei Verbvm Dei Filvs Dei Jose Maria Chavira MS Adagio 1st Primogentivs Fivs Dei Hominis Espiritvs Dominus Dominorum est et Rex Regum et Reginarum nom de plume JC Angelcraft Rex Angeli in gratia Espiritvs Sancti Rex Intima, Rex Universvm, Quod pastor est cor meum

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